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Keep Juicing, Mobile Warriors and Digital Nomads!

Feb 14, 2024 | geek out

If you’re constantly on your phone and laptop on the go, this one’s for you! I’ve tried and exhausted countless power banks over the years and as my gadget list grows endlessly, I’ve currently hit a sweet combi with this series that I take on my trips as well.


This is a game-changer! If you own a magsafe iPhone, it easily attaches to the back magnetically, providing a seamless charging experience. No more fumbling with cables, just snap it on and go!

Extra plus point: It’s Climate Pledge Friendly

sharge Retro 67 Power Display 3-Port Fast GaN Charger

I grew up in the 80s so I simply couldn’t resist, just look at it!!!!

I use this at home and on my travels cos it plugs up to 3 devices at one go. You’ll need to buy matching cables separately if you’re OCD like me and need to have it visually neat in a matching set, but really you can just use your existing ones…

So, whether you’re a digital nomad, frequent traveler, or just someone glued to your devices like I am, these will keep you juiced up and ready for anything. Happy charging, my fellow mobile warriors!

Post update on 3 March 2024:
One of my pinterest followers alerted me to a fab deal that just landed, you can buy all of the above at a discounted bundle deal! omuhgard….

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